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Volunteering with Riverside Naturally has many benefits, you can:

  • Take on a new challenge and learn new things

  • Make a difference by making Riverside a greener, more sustainable enviroment

  • Get outside and make a  positive  impact on you health and wellbeing

  • Meet new people and have lots of fun!

You can join Riverside Naturally here.

We meet on the last Saturday of every month at 9.30am at Riverside Community Orchard, come along, see what we are up to.

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We can't gaurantee good weather, but the company defintiely makes up for it!

Emily, not aged 3

 "This is like a family, isn't it? We're a team, all working together!"

Aurora, age 3

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Being able to get out safely during COVID and keeping 

It's been wonderful working alongside like minded and enthusiastic people to make a difference.   Mary

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