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Trees of


“The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second-best time is now.”

There are over two dozen different species of tree species to be seen along the Forth in Riverside and Forthside in addition to the fruit trees in Riverside Community Orchard


This page explains what our aims are for the trees of Riverside, why they are important and what you species you can find round the area .

See for yourself - enjoy a walk with us around Riverside and discover and learn

about all the different species of trees.

Why we love


Trees are a very important part of our environment because they:

  • Reduce CO2 and release oxygen

  • Reduce air pollution from gasses and particles

  • Provide a a home to hundreds of living things

  • Increase well being - studies have shown that physical and mental health is improved by having trees around.

  • Are a beautiful part of our landscapes.

We Love Trees



Our Aims

Riverside has a beautiful corridor around the river which has many mature trees, but few street trees.  The corridor continues through Forthside but again, street trees are scarce.

Riverside Naturally aims to:


  • Work with Stirling Council to ensure that any trees that are lost are replaced – During the winter of 2019/20 a total of eighteen trees were planted.  Some replaced trees which had been removed because of disease.


  • Work with Riverside Community Council and Stirling Council to identify places to plant more trees - Three new flowering cherry trees were planted in the Old Harbour area in February 20202 and birches were planted between Forth Crescent and Riverside Quay at the same time.  A new red oak was also planted next to the Cambuskenneth Bridge.  Oaks were also planted at the edge of the A.R.K in March 2020.

  • Revitalise the planting in the beds beside the river on Riverside Drive. Our woodland garden project has started with the removal of diseased and overcrowded trees.  Progress has been stalled by the Coronavirus outbreak, but you see more about the project plans here.


  • Encourage native tree planting in gardens - By giving information about smaller trees which attract birds, bees and bugs.  Get some help the the Royal Horticultural Society here.

Trees in


In the past year we have been able to plant many trees in various locations around Riverside.

An Aspen, a Gean, 10 Guelder Roses, a Hawthorn and a Birch have been planted in the Woodland Gardens.

The A.R.K has benefitted from two Blackthorn, an Oak, two Rowans with a further four Rowans, 5 Birch and two Blackthorn and five Hazel trees being planted in the area to the north of the A.R.K beside Riverside Quay.

We have added a pear tree to the Community Orchard

A commemorative Beech tree was also planted by Riverside Community Council.

New Planting


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Tree Spotting
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