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Riverside Naturally works throughout Riverside to bring biodiversity, colour and care to our green spaces.   

This year already we have planted over 600 snowdrops and bluebells along the river path between the Woodland Garden and the other 'D' shaped space nearer Cambuskenneth Bridge.  It is our intention to start to work the second 'D' space with a further 450+ bulbs and trees scheduled for planting in the spring.

In May we will also be starting to plant a low lying Wildflower Meadow to bring more colour and biodiversity to our walks.

Spring time is when the world becomes alive with new growth and our pollinators emerge.  Pollinators are very important -  it is believed that over 84% of flowering plants rely on flying insects for growth and 1 in 3 bites from your plate is the result of pollinators.


To celebrate these vital creatures and to bring some further fun and joy to Riverside as we Step Into Spring we would love it if you could support us and decorate your windows however your wish, and consider including a bee, butterfly or any other wee beastie that is so helpful in our natural world.

We have designed a couple of posters that you could display  - click on the one you like and print it off, alternatively, you can email us here and we will pop one through your door.

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If you'd like to donate, every penny helps us towards our projects and will definitely give us a spring in our step!

Committed to making Riverside a better place for people by making it a better place for nature



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