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Spring time is when the world becomes alive with new growth and our pollinators emerge.  Pollinators are very important -  it is believed that over 84% of flowering plants rely on flying insects for growth and 1 in 3 bites from your plate is the result of pollinators.


To celebrate these vital creatures and to bring some further fun and joy to Riverside as we Step Into Spring we would love it if you could support us and decorate your windows however your wish, and consider including a bee, butterfly or any other wee beastie that is so helpful in our natural world.  


Following on from the success of last years event we are delighted to Step Into Spring with you again and launch another fundraising event of decorating your windows and donating to Riverside Naturally.

Last year we worked on improving the woodland gardens and welcomed Alice to her woodland wonderland.  Our other woodland garden will be getting a lot of attention with a stumpery and a willow arbour being installed in January.

This year, as we continue to nurture and enhance our orchard we are very excited to be celebrating it's 10th birthday and hope to hold a fabulous event to commemorate all the work and enthusiasm that has been put into this wonderful area.

Thank you very much for all your donations - we raised over £200 which will go towards enhancing our green spaces and making Riverside even better for all the creatures who live here!


Thank you to the amazing artists who joined us this year - you can se pictures below.

Windows '22


Windows '21


Help us make Riverside a better place for people,
by making it a better place for nature.
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