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Riverside Naturally has identified many different areas of action and passionate people being involved with each project.  Here you can see what we hope to accomplish and how you can help.


Established in 2012 our Community Orchard is a wonderful project to get involved and volunteer with.

Pathways to and through Riverside is a very important issue for us as we want everyone to be able to access the delights of the area

Riverside Naturally will be working with the Council to to transform the two neglected beds of trees and shrubs along the riverside over the next couple of year.

Half of Riverside is made up of gardens and we feel this a  great opportunity for you to help increase biodiversity in our area.


Wild flower meadows and foraging hedges are a great way to bring colour and biodiversity to Riverside.

The trees of Riverside are one of the features that bring outstanding beauty to the area and we want to protect and nurture them, including managing and replacing them.

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