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Orchard Day


25th September 2021
10.30am - 1.30pm

Join us for some family fun and learn a bit more about Riverside Naturally

What's On?

Harvest Surplus Swap and Share


More details below...

Bring Your Own Picnic - Grab a chair, a blanket and your favourite sandwich!

Our picnic can be a fun way to make your food and drink choices environmentally friendly and make your tasty lunch good for you and for the planet!

In 2019 we hosted a One Planet Picnic to show and share ideas on how to try and eat food that is local and seasonal, organically grown, ethically traded, whilst trying to reduce food and packaging waste.

COVID restrictions mean that we cannot share food on this occasion, but swapping recipes, innovations and successes would be fantastic!

Bring A Bucket

Riverside is a bountiful area with many orchard fruit trees that thrive in peoples garden. This often leads to surplus. 


We invite you to bring along any food that you have excess of  and would like to share with your neighbours.  This will help us reduce the food waste and is a great way to try the variety of food Riverside has to offer.

Recipes are also very welcome!


Join us in planting some seedings in our southern woodland garden.  Bring a trowel and some gloves and get ready to learn about our plans for this space.  No experience is necessary!

We have planted over 500 plants in this area over the past year with more still to go in.  This space is proving to be a bit tricky due to the condition of the soil and years of pesticide use.  However, we are optimistic that as we continue to enrich the soil and plant more things this will develop into a beautiful, biodiverse space.

You can find out more about our Woodland Gardens.

Apple Activities
Apple Activties

Learn about our Orchard and our other activities with out apple activities.

Make your very own bloom ball, hunt amongst the trees for some friends and join in with our other games and see what new things you learn.  

You can make a start by visiting our Children's Area for some puzzles to do at home.

Lawn Games
Lawn Games

Fancy a game of boules, or a wee kick about?  Maybe some ball toss or hoopla?  Or maybe just a run about in the grass?  


Every effort will be made to ensure the safety of our community whilst attending our event.  There wil be to opportunity to Check In with Test and Protect, equipment will be sanitised regularly and we will ask people to maintain social distancing in busier areas.

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