Acts of Restorative


This area is an A.R.K – an Act of Restorative Kindness

An A.R.K is a haven where our native plants and wildlife can thrive.  It is a place that we leave undisturbed for natural processes to happen.  Space for wildlife is disappearing but, over time, this ARK will become a safe place for pollinators and other creatures to find food and shelter.

The area of river bank between the newly built Riverside Quay and the Old Harbour alongside Shore Road is already a haven for wildflowers and wildlife.  It is maintained by Stirling Council Fisheries Team for maximum biodiversity. In conjunction with Stirling Council we are ensuring that this small patch remains undisturbed as an A.R.K.   We are also seeking permission to plant a few trees there as one ash is already affected by ash die back disease and others will almost certainly be affected in the next year or two. 

Is there somewhere else you feel would make a good ARK, want to make one in your garden or want some further information, e-mail us.

The A.R.K organisation encourages people to establish areas of land where nature is allowed to restore itself. 

1. To raise awareness of the extinction event we are experiencing.

2. To create safe and abundant havens for as many wild creatures as possible.

3. To give as much land as possible back into nature’s hands.

4. To create a web of interconnected living sanctuaries that will become the seeds to restore our planetary diversity and health.

5. To offer people something important to do to support life on earth.

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