Apple Day


Happy Apple Day!  Every year the UK gathers for a celebration of the most delicious harvest of the year and comes together to share the joy and fun of apples.

COVID restrictions have changed the way we do things you but we invite you to join with us in spirit and celebrate the Autumn harvest - you could try a  new apple recipe, try a different kind of apple - there are over 2500 species native to the UK alone, find some local cider and give it a go or share your surplus apples with your community

Our Community Orchard was established in 2012 and Riverside Naturally started looking after in in 2019.  We are very passionate about our fruit trees and we currently have 29 fruit trees - apples, plums and quince can be found in our orchard.  

Puzzles, Quizzes and More

We had hoped to enjoy another Orchard Day outside, sharing the local harvest, enjoying apple fritters and meeting everyone in the sun however lockdown restrictions have changed our plans.

Apple Day celebrations are going to be digital this year! Enjoy these activities and puzzled and learn about our orchard fruits too!

RN - Wordsearch.png
Salad Sums .png
RN - Fruity Fit - Pear.png
RN - Maze (1).png
RN - Fruity Fit - Apple.png
_RN - Quiz Trail.png
RN Fruity Names.png
RN - Riverside Hunt.png
RN - Apple Names.png
RN Design Your Own Apple.png
Fruit Picking.png
RN -Word Salad.png
Check back soon for more!

This is our Happy Apple - can you search our website and see what other pages he has visited.  Can you count them up?


RN Fruity Fit Apple 1 Answers.png
RN Fruity Fit Apple 2 Answers.png
Fruity Fit Pear 1 Answers.png
Fruity Fit Pear 2 Answers.png
Fruity Find - Answers.png
Salad Sums- Answers.png
RN Word Salad - Answers.png
RN - Quiz Answers.png
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